What are the drawbacks with purchasing items on our own?
There are many reasons why purchasing your own products may not be the best idea for your group. Among them:
a. The new CPSIA regulations could make your group liable for fines, for non-compliant items sold in your shop; even hand-made items. Many commercial suppliers sell items with the caveat that they are NOT TO BE RESOLD TO CHILDREN; protecting them, but NOT your group....
b. Any items purchased from local bargain bins or dollar stores are also available to your families at those same shops.. and could give your shop a Dollar Store look... at higher prices!
c. The difficulty of finding an assortment of different items to offer, across a range of prices.  ... Our shops give you a huge assortment of NEW items purchased specifically for School Holiday Shops; across a wide price range.
d. The time & cost of gas to run around to all the different stores ... compared to our product delivered FREE!
e. The additional cost of Bags and other shop materials.
f. The costs of your group purchasing & carrying an inventory
g. Time spent storing, counting, pricing the items, etc.

h. Very difficult to find enough Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa items in bargain bins.


i. No next day reorder when you run out of a popular item.. AND, what about replacements or refunds for broken items? ...... An extra trip to the store... if available at all.


j. Our shops carry a $5 Million Liability Policy. Is your PTA insured for items bought from the dollar store?


k. Extra features, like our FREE Kids Bucks, for needy children.

Are your gifts for children 12 and under CPSIA compliant?

Yes, and the test results are on line for everyone to see at:
CPSIA Test Results

To protect your group we suggest you ask to see the test results before you select any supplier.
Why it is important to make sure the items we are selling for gifts for children under 12 are CPSIA compliant?
Because it is a new federal law designed to make sure that the products being sold are safe for children to use.  CPSIA website HERE

Even homemade and donated items need to comply with the new law. And your group as the seller to the consumer is the responsible party.
When I went to school we had a Kids' Shop, but now I have received information from several companies with Kids in their name, which one are you?
Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® is the "Original Kids' Shop".  ...  The founders of Kids' Korner® began supplying Northwest schools with gifts items for Holiday Shops in 1961. ... and In 1989 they started Kids Korner Gift Shoppes® as a nationwide network of local independent distributors in order to provide the same great local service their Northwest schools received.

Today Kids' Korner® Gift Shoppes has over 60 local independent distributors in the U.S. and is the most copied Holiday Shop in the nation.

How do your Prices compare to the competition?
Kids' Korner® Distributors purchase product as a buying group and in general our prices are much better than that of the competition. Because our prices are so much better the competition tries to avoid carrying similar items, however we have found the few listed HERE.
How does the Quality of your items compare?
Of course we believe our items are of a better quality, and we are happy to let you see for yourself...., we'll send you a sample box of items to compare with any competitor willing to do the same; so that you can compare.

Our quality guarantee is unsurpassed in the industry.

Your competitor says we can select 40 items for our school and the company will add up to 70 more. How do you compare?
Kids' Korner® believes their Holiday Shop program is for the Kids and that the kids should have the opportunity to select their own gifts from a wide variety of items. So we normally supply our schools with over 200 different items in our Standard Kit..
However, we DO offer the option for Early-signing Schools to select their own assortment from over 200 choices, if you prefer.
Your competitor says they will supply us with price stickers to put on the items, but we do have to remove from the unsold items at the end of the sale in order to be able to return them. Do we have to use stickers for your shop? 


To make it easier on you and your volunteers, the items come with a price code sticker already on them -- 14 different price codes -- all items with the same price code sell for the same price (prices which you decide on).

This makes it easier on your children, your volunteers and your cashier. (Especially if your cashier is using one of our pre-programmed cash registers.)

Our supplier has us count the Inventory in, and then again at the end, to determine our bill. Do we need to count inventory with your program? 

No counting of inventory with your Kids Korner Gift Shoppe. Our Cash Register System keeps track of your sale, and prints Daily and Ending Sales Reports for you, in SECONDS!


Do you have a Cash Register Phone App that makes it easier to run the program?

Free Cash Register phone apps are available for any shop, but we do not recommend them for many of the same reasons that your local retail stores do not use them. Some of those reasons are:

a. There is no AUDIT TRAIL. We introduced the pre-programmed cash register because many groups were working with hand held calculators and cash boxes; and money sometimes came up missing, with no record or accounting to measure sales and inventory against.

b. It is not faster as advertised. 5 phones and one cash box is still one cashier. One person calling out the codes and packing the gifts in the shopping bags and one person just working the cash register can OUTPERFORM 5 PHONES!

c. And there is no receipt for the parent unless your group invests a few hundred dollars in a printer and an additional app to support it.

d. Our competitors who use them, require you to count an ending inventory to figure your bill... which takes MORE time.


Your competitor says that 80% of their items are $5.00 or under. How many $5.00 & under items do you have?

80% of 110 items is only 88 items.  Kids' Korner® has over 160 items $5.00 and under; the MOST items, $5.00 and under, of ANY supplier.


Do you allow us to set our own prices?

Yes, Kids' Korner® allows you to sell to your students either as a Service to the students (at your cost), or at a mark-up of your choice.


How much product do you start us with, in our Shop Kit?
We will you start you out with more product than you sold last year so that you aren't running out of product right from the start. And we'll deliver reorders the next day, should you run out of some items.
Do we pay any delivery costs?
All shipping and delivery is FREE to your school, including Delivery & Pick-up and FREE Next Day Delivery of your reorders.... And, since we're your Local Distributor, most of our schools are close enough for us to deliver orders, with TLC, on our own trucks.
Do you provide any Advertising materials?
Yes!.. a very complete supply of FREE Advertising, Marketing and Decorating materials.. please take a look at them HERE.
Do you provide Gift Bags & Tote Bags?
Yes we do provide gift bags for each individual item and Plastic Tote bags to carry gifts home in.

Our gifts bags, however, are quite different. Rather than the colored paper sacks used in other shops, we supply self-sealing,Department Store-Quality Laser Design Bags in a variety of sizes and colors  -- and our Tote Bags are heavy duty.

 Do you offer any incentives for reserving our shop early?
Yes! We have a generous Cash Bonus available (with prompt payment) Please take a look at our reservation form, for more info.
 What are your Payment Terms?
Payment is due upon completion of your Holiday Shop. Our Cash Register System provides a Sales Report from which you may easily calculate your amount due. We are also happy to help you with your calculation, so that you may be able to pay within terms.
Schools paid within our Prompt Pay Terms are paid on time. All other balances are considered Past Due and are subject to a 1-1/2 % interest charge, per month, beginning with all balances Past Due on January 1st.
a) For schools picked up by Fed Ex, and for ALL schools not picked up before the Holiday Break, payment is on time if post-marked within 3 days of the last day of your Holiday Shop. 
b) Schools requiring Invoicing and Dating: We are happy to provide Invoicing and Dating upon request. An X Report from your register must be provided to us in order to produce an invoice. No Prompt Pay Discount is applicable for schools provided with dating beyond our Prompt Pay Terms..
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