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... 10 reasons why 9 of 10 schools who compare choose our service:


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1. All merchandise is the highest quality in the holiday shoppe business. And the Very Best Variety & Value! Compare our prices!
Also: All children's items CPSIA tested. Does YOUR supplier display their  test Results???
2. Merchandise is number and color-coded for easy checkout.

3. We loan you a pre-programmed cash register. You set the prices, we program the register. NO COUNTING OF INVENTORY!

4. Product ranges from .25 cents to $8.00, with most under $5. (with a 20% mar-up, your shop prices will top out at $10)
5. No Hidden Costs....  We supply you with everything you need:
a Sponsor Handbook, bi-lingual flyers, posters, banners, gift guide envelopes, price tents, beautiful mylar gift bags, shopping bags, table cloths and Elf Hats for your volunteers.

6. We pay for all shipping (including overnite delivery of reorders).

7. No Investment.. No Risk.. all unsold product returned for full credit.
8. Free Kids Bucks ... free merchandise allowance to assure that
every child can participate.
9. Early Sign Bonus!

10. Kids have a blast shopping for the gifts they want to give, in a safe environment!

Mylar Gift Bags!!!
Color-coded Pricing
Call us now, at : 888-824-1554
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