All Shops include:

All Kids Korner Northeast Schools receive:
Kids Bucks Program
(In-school shops of 2 days or more held during normal school hours):

Our FREE product allowance to ensure that ALL of your children get the opportunity to shop!
less than 200 students: $50
200+ students: $100
300+ student: $150
400+ student: $200
600+ students: $300
Our school would like to reserve a Kids' Korner™ Holiday Shop. We understand that Kids Korner Albany, upon acceptance of this agreement;
1. Agrees to provide our group with a pre-packed selection of "Kid Priced" Gift items. (Early Birds may choose a Wish List Assortment)
2. Agrees to take back all unsold merchandise for full credit.
3. Agrees to provide free, next day deliveries to re-stock sold-out items on the condition that Kids Korner Albany reordering procedures and requirements are followed by our organization.
3. Agrees to provide all support items, services and bonuses as outlined in this agreement and within the terms outlined herein.

Our Group understands that;
1. We take possession and ownership of all merchandise, once it is delivered to our school; that we may return all un-sold merchandise for full credit; and that we will be billed for any unused merchandise and/or supplies which are not returned.
2. We are not required to inventory the product when it arrives or when the sale is over, as long as we are using Kids Korner Albany’s Cash Register System and follow all instructions in the Chairperson Success Manual. We also understand that an alternative Inventory System is available, should we choose not to use the Cash Register System.
3. We will run our shop with the understanding that it is a seasonal sale and that some items will eventually run out both in our shop and at the main warehouse.
4. We are to have all unsold merchandise and unused supplies ready for pickup on the day and time scheduled by Kids Korner Albany.
5. Payment is due upon completion of our shop. We understand that 1-1/2% interest per month will be added to balances past due, after January 1st.
6. We agree to use Kids Korner Albany as our exclusive source of commercial products sold in our school gift shop.*
7. Cancellation: There is NO FEE for cancellation, before supplies and merchandise are shipped. Once merchandise and supplies are delivered to our school, we are responsible for return shipping charges, of $250.
8. KIDS BUCKS: Early signing schools, running for 2 or more days, during normal school hours, earn an allowance for Free Merchandise. This allowance may not deducted from our sales, but may be used to offer Free items to Students and Volunteers, as our organization sees fit. We agree to record the amount of Free merchandise used, according to the Chairperson Success Manual. Number of enrolled students: >200 = $50 Kids Bucks; 200+ = $100; 300+ = $150; 400+ = 200; 600+ = $300

*(Please note that Clause 6 applies only to commercial items purchased for your shop; and NOT to parent/student craft items or food items.) Please give us a call if you need clarification of this clause. We do not intend to restrict the fun or flexibility of your event.
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